Project Overview

Investigating the impact of farmer behaviour and farmer-led control of infectious disease outbreaks in livestock

Our primary objective in this project is, through mathematical modelling, to quantify & predict differences between local (farmer-led) and global (nationally-enforced) optimisation of controls.

MEMVIE (Mathematical & Economic Modelling for Vaccination and Immunisation Evaluation)

Mathematical modelling and analysis of seasonal influenza to underpin vaccination policy for the Department of Health.

Modelling influenza A at the human-animal interface

Influenza inhabits many hosts and has many strains, but there is a worrying gap in the modelling of spillover transmission from animals to humans. We look to address the lack of established modelling tools that represent this interface.

Modelling visceral leishmaniasis in Brazil

Developing a mathematical model of visceral leishmaniasis in Brazil; a vector borne disease with canines being an animal reservoir.

Social Contagion

Formulation of novel models that exploit the dynamical behaviour of mood over time to ascertain which mood states spread on social networks, via a contagion-like mechanism, and which do not.

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In PLoS Comput Biol, 2019

In Parasites & Vectors, 2019

In Mood: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, New Theories, 2019

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